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Deliver Paradigm Shifts

Prior to 1954, when Roger Barrister first broke the four minute mile barrier, it was widely believed that a sub four minute mile wasn't possible. Then after the record was broken, this paradigm shift allowed 16 additional runners to break this time in the next 3 years. Paradigm potential discovered. The beauty of the activity-based coaching model around which BluePrint is built is that the activities are entirely controllable by the agent. Results often seem elusive to agents, but activities are a simple yes or no proposition. Either the agent will choose to engage in them or not. And with proper coaching, they will.

BluePrint takes care of this paradigm shift on the fly and automatically. Your agents will not only be able to quantify their own volume of dollar-productive activity, but they are also able to see how that activity level compares to that of all of the other agents using BluePrint. Anchored to the user's dashboard is a quick view of the agents with the most activity for the week. This measure acts almost subconsciously, but because it quantifies things that an agent can directly control, it reframes the agent's view of what's possible and that results in better focus on those key activities.

Think of BluePrint as your playbook. Coach with it and coach to it. It's a proven model and, properly adhered to will change the lives of many of your agents forever.

Simple habits...lasting results.

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