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Return on Investment
We're often asked whether as company owners we would pay for a tool like BluePrint ourselves, given the current economic environment. Our answer is very simple and it is the same regardless of the economic climate. If it has an acceptable return on investment, absolutely. Otherwise, forget it. Here is our value proposition to you as the company owner or manager:
  1. One single extra sale from one agent in an entire year will likely cover the cost to provide BluePrint to all agents joining your company every year.
  2. By partnering with local service providers and vendors, you can offset up to 100% of the cost of BluePrint by allowing your partners to advertise in the dedicated space we provide for you.
  3. By creating a culture of focus on key daily habits, BluePrint will improve both your average productivity and your bottom line.
  4. By running their individual sales practices truly like a business, your associates will be happier, more productive, more focused, and ultimately more successful.

Have a look at the key features and the methodology that BluePrint will bring to your organization. If you would like to “teach them to fish” rather than simply feeding them, then we believe that we can have an impact on your company that will be felt for years to come.

Simple habits...lasting results.

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