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Photo of Anton Roeger My lead generation model is based on referrals from my database and this program allows me to focus on time spent prospecting and not searching for calls or time consuming data entry systems. The system allows you to increase the number of touches made in the same amount of time because of the simplicity, speed and effectiveness. The tool bases your time at work on a point system that drives home the importance of lead generation using the sources that you feel are most effective for your personal business. The ease of tracking your daily activities will help you keep focused on what matters most in our business... prospecting. My personal database has provided me over 86% of my closed sales leads over my eight years in the business and allows me to run my business on a very low expense model as well as a high conversion rate.

There are no complicated plans to set-up or launch but just a simple way of staying in touch with prospects, recording progress, and setting a new contact time. The prospecting of your database combined with other lead generation activity thru the points system will help you develop a plan to keep your business fundamentally sound and track your progress. The tool also allows you to coordinate with accountability partners to keep everyone focused on their goals. There is also a straightforward business finance tool that allows you to track their business finances and make sure their investment is providing them a return thru Profit and Loss statements.

- Anton Roeger, Agent, Mount Pleasant, SC
#1 in general-brokerage over last 6 years

Photo of Joseph Klosik Over the last 5 years, I have probably seen about 500 different methods to hold agents accountable and keep them on track. From post-its on the door to spreadsheets to multi-plan software, agents have tried them all. The frustrating part is that no one seems to keep it simple. BluePrint does just that. The biggest challenge I see with software for Real Estate agents is learning how to use it and then actually using it. Agents will spend hundreds of dollars on the latest and greatest and when all is said and done, they have a rolodex that cost a fortune and they don't use any of the features. BluePrint uses simple systems that keep you focused on what matters the most with your business - consistent, high impact, contact with your database. I am so excited that agents who want to keep things simple and stay focused now have a solution for their business!

- Joseph Klosik, Broker-in-Charge, North Charleston, SC

I just wanted to comment how much I enjoyed seeing how the new BluePrint accountability system really works. For someone technically challenged like me, it was a breath of fresh air to see how user friendly it really is. My comment was "I could even do that" and how great a tool it would have been for me when I was in general brokerage learning to stay focused on my 20%. I hope agents sign up for this quickly as it will make their goals come to reality much faster.

- Bobby Faulk, Operating Principal, Lake Norman, NC
Built $40 Million sales team


- Katie Farr, Market Center Administrator, Charleston, SC

This has already helped my productivity as I signed a buyer's agency agreement with someone I emailed because of this website!!! THANKS!!!

- David Tice, Agent, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Photo of Paul Remoll Blueprint is an effective and simple tool that will help agents manage the most important part of their business, Lead Generation. The beauty of this product is its simplicity. By design, it doesn?t do everything. It focuses on tracking prospecting, lead generation, building your database, and tracking expenses in a basic way. I think that most agents could look through Blueprint, understand the features and capabilities, and begin using it for their business within an hour of opening it up.

- Paul Remoll, Agent, Mt. Pleasant, SC Agent Leadership Council

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